Wolf Story – The Hunter – Goldentears Records

Artist: Wolf Story
Title: The Hunter
Label: Goldentears Records
Cat.: GD012

Paco Osuna
Will try thanks πŸ˜‰

Richie Hawtin (Minus):
downloaded for r hawtin

Markantonio (MKT Records_Analytictrail records)
Downloading for Markantonio…thanks for the music!!!

Marco Carola (Music On):
downloading for marco carola, thanks

Luciano (Cadenza Records):
Thank you for the music. I\’m downloading for Mr. Luciano.

Robert Owens (world)
Meat Rush

Atapy (Bedrock, Get Physical):
wicked stuff, supporting it, thanks!

ilario alicante (Cocoon)
Downloading for Ilario Alicante, thanks for the music!

Steve Lawler (Viva Music)
Downloaded for Steve Lawler, thanks.

Shiba San
downloaded for shiba san

Joseph Capriati
downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !

Denite (Diynamic, Get Physical, Third Ear, Redlight Music):
Thanks for the Music.

Tim Baresko

Miss Mee (Patsada, Robsoul)
Thanks for the music.

JJ Mullor (MusicAllStars | Armada | Nervous | 1605 | Juicy Music | Supermar)
will try out, thank you

Mary Jane

Nuria Ghia (BlueCube Records)
thanks for the music!

Enis Caliskan (Silvana Records/Proton Radio)
Nice track for me Meat Rush. Thanx you for sending.

Luca Fabiani
Thanks for the music.

Sophie Nixdorf (Overdrive)
Downloaded for Sophie Nixdorf, thanks.

Jim_Star (Alice Management / Monique Musique / No Sound / Proton Radio)
Great ep! Meat Rush is the one for me! πŸ˜‰

JP Chronic (Chronovision Ibiza)
thanks for sending

Francois Bresez & El Marco (CWA- CWV – konzept [:] musique – Supermarket Unlimited – Rimoshe)
Meat Rush for us

Barbur (Asymmetric | Barbur Room | Pumpz Music ):
Meat Rush for me. thanks

D-Formation (Toolroom, Beatfreak):

Nick Fiorucci (Hi-Bias, zipDJ)
Downloading c/o Nick Fiorucci, zipDJ / Hi-Bias / zipCAST.fm

Sanya Shelest/No Hopes

Mikel Gil ():
Download for Mikel Gil thanks.

AndReew (SCI+TEC):
meat rush for me,thanks

Yoshi Horino ():
The Hunter is for me. Will play it. Thanks.

Da Cat (Balearic Affair ):
thank downloading

Hernan Serrao (Groovenight Records – Pro-b-Tech Records – Perfection Sessions R):
downlaoding, support

Emilijano (UrbanVibe, Italo Business) (UrbanVibe Records, Di.FM, Energy Radio):
nice release

Hunzed (Ultra – Terminal M – Clarisse – ):
The Hunter for me

Ladida (Recode Musik, Datagroove Rec):
will try Meat Rush ,thx;)

Marco Lys (Great Stuff/Toolroom/Rising Music):
Downloading for myself. Cool release πŸ™‚

Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe, Treehouse Muzique, King Street, Cosmic Disco, OH! Reco):
Beauitiful. Thank you!

Omar Salgado (Ouh! ma… music):

Plastic Lounge (Radio-FDS/CLUB 27)
play track 2

Harry Avers (Noice Podcast)
More like techno…. but ok.the Hunter is really good…..

Mark J (comuniquem.com)
meat rush!

ABarth (phonanza fm)
Great EP – like “Meat Rush” a lot – will feature this in the next radio show

Something Global Radio (Something Global Radio)
Will try out. Thanks for the music, downloading for Steve’Butch’Jones presents Something Global (radio show / podcast).

dj.inc. (tempoatl, protonradio)
Meat Rush is nice darker biz

Andrea Mazza (M2O Radio Italy)
Thanks! Downloading for Andrea Mazza. Please check Trance Evolution official on Facebook for Radio tracklistings and support.

meat rush is dope! tnx

salah sadeq (techfui, the crate, bitm)
thanks will try it out for sure

Rob Zile (KissFM,Subtec Records,For the Record):
liking these.. they are a bit crazy! support for both

Global Dance Session ():
Downloading for Global Dance Session. Please check www.GlobalDanceSession.com to see if your promos are featured. Thank you!

Deephouse.it ():
thanks for the music!

Beat Vision ():
top release

Dustin Kinney (5 Magazine):
wicked sounding. will try

Mickey Imperi (Beachgrooves Fm, TheDeepRoom):
Thanks for the music . Excellent E.P. great sound.Will support in my radio programs.

Johan N. Lecander (DI.FM):
Meat Rush for me here

Jacbri Magazine (Jacbri):
cool stuff

Mark Found (Digitally Imported):
massive Meat Rush ! thx

DJMmagazine ():
Downloading for DJMmagazine.. Thanks!!!!

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