M.I.T.A. , Tom Hades, Anna V. – Synchronize

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ARTISTS: M.I.T.A., Tom Hades, Anna V.
TITLE: Synchronize
CAT. #: VLT003
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 30/06/2017


M.I.T.A. – Synchronize (Original mix)
M.I.T.A. – Sunset on a Cruise (Original mix)
M.I.T.A. – Synchronize (Tom Hades remix)
M.I.T.A. – Sunset on a Cruise (Anna V. remix)

M.I.T.A. on fire!
After his releases on Phobiq, Elevate, Analytic Trail, Driving Forces, Kombination Research and so many others, M.I.T.A., debuts on VOLTAGE Records with a two-tracker EP, packed with sizzling hot vibes! Ischia based artist’s influences mix perfectly with his distinctive personal sound signature, creating a powerful and crisp techno EP, destined to make some real damage to the floor!

‘Synchronize’ is fast, powerful, intense! This original mix is based on a crisp and dynamic drumset – typical characteristic of the Italian artist, while the short synth stabs add on to the already blasting tempo of the track speedier and more intense.

Iconic techno producer Tom Hades debuts on VOLTAGE Records by choosing this track to remix and add his own character on the original composition. His version is punchier and darker, reinforced with his killer percussions and merciless tempo!

Original version of ‘Sunset on a cruise’ is atmospheric, yet powerful and vibrant, with huge drops and intense drums. Anna V.’s remix on the track takes it to a whole new level, bringing out proggy vibes and an old school scent adding wide melodic arpeggios as well as and her typical huge bass lines and kicks.

Don’t miss this amazing EP!

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