Paolo Paleologo – Bass Running Ep – Defined Music


Supported by: Ilario Alicante, Robert Owens, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Shiba San, Joseph Capriati, Fideles, The Mekanism, Markantonio, Kenny Carpenter…

ARTIST: Paolo Paleologo
TITLE: Bass Running Ep
RELEASE DATE: Mar 25 2016
LABEL: Defined Music
CAT.: DMF120


Robert Owens (world)
Cool tracks

Richie Hawtin (Minus)
downloaded for r hawtin

Marco Carola (Music On):
downloading for marco carola, thanks

Paco Osuna (Plus 8):
Will try thanks 😉

Shiba San ():
downloaded by shiba san

Joseph Capriati
downloading for joseph capriati, thanks

Fideles (Upon You – DFTD – Be As One)

The Mekanism ():
Cool tracks thanks!

Markantonio (MKT Records_Analytictrail records)
Downloading for Markantonio…thanks for the music!!!

Kenny Carpenter ():
Bass Runnig, Love It!

Sophie Nixdorf (Overdrive):
Downloaded for Sophie Nixdorf, thanks.

Martin Ikin / Soul Purpose (Soul Purpose)
Original is cool

Bebetta (Monaberry)
Caoak Remix for me!

ilario alicante (Cocoon)
Downloading for Ilario Alicante, thanks for the music!

VooDooSon (Loulou , Sleazy G , Street King , Cr2…) ():
Download for VooDooSon

Denite (Diynamic, Get Physical, Third Ear, Redlight Music):
Thanks for the Music!

Horatio (Natural Rhythm / Desolat / Viva Music)
cool ep

Titan Road (Monkeys Music / Dear Deer / Future Allianz)
Caoak remix for me!

Download for FreakMe! Thanks

JP Chronic (Chronovision Ibiza):
Caoak remix for me, thanks

Roberto Surace
thanks for music 🙂 support!

Francois Bresez & El Marco (CWA- CWV – konzept [:] musique – Supermarket Unlimited – Rimoshe)
Thanks for the download!

Sanya Shelest/No Hopes
very nice! will try, thanks

Brandon Andrews (Early Morning Music / Get Cereus)
Nice release – will give the original a try, thanks!

fat groove, i like it!

Anderson Noise
thanks for the music

Bara Bröst (Exploited/BBE Records)
kuul. will try!

Neil Parkes (Hot Creations)
Nice groove on the Caoak Remix 🙂

Massimo Cassini (Amam/Inmotion)
Thanks for the pack.

Mikel Gil
Download for Mikel Gil, thanks.Original for me.

De La Maso (Area Remote / Bla Bla) (German)
rmx for me, thanks

Sammy W
Cool release, thank you for sending!

John Norman (KMS, Thoughtless, Hype Muzik, Stripped, UNT!):
nice solid EP. Thanks for the music!

Yoshi Horino ():
Caoak Remix is for me.

Da Cat (Balearic Affair ):
nice stuff, cheers

Michael Stukes (Dubmaster Productions):
Awwwwwwww YEAAAAA!

Juanfra Munoz ():
Downloading for Juanfra Muñoz

Luca Fabiani ():
Thanks for the music.

salah sadeq (techfui, the crate, bitm)
thanks will try them out

DJ RIm-K (fm brussel)
Nice !!
wery nice! Thanks for the music!

Something Global Radio (Something Global Radio)
Will try out. Thanks for the music, downloading for Steve’Butch’Jones presents Something Global (radio show / podcast). Check for plays.

Seb FM4
Original version for me. good stuff. thx

Mannix (Tilllate Magazine/98.3 Superfly/Play FM)
remix for me

Harry Avers (Noice Podcast)
NIce Groovy Ep.

Underground TelAviv:

Plastic Lounge (Radio-FDS/CLUB 27)
playing both

Mark J (
cool, will play both!

dancefloor mayhem (Dancefloor Mayhem, Techno.FM, KBOO 90.7 FM)
Really like the remix.

simon deep (Fresh FM Volcano Radio Pulzar FM 0FM
nice tight chunky vibes thanks

Jacbri Magazine (Jacbri)
phat stuff, love the rmx

Kadabra (5 Chicago Mag) ():
Remix for me.

Rob Zile (KissFM,Subtec Records,For the Record):
original for me

DJMmagazine ():
Downloading for DJMmagazine.. Thanks !!!

ABarth (phonanza fm):
Loving both versions. Will be featured in the nect radio show! Very good production!

Urban Fabric (Urban Fabric):
Supporting both cuts. Dope.

Beat Vision ():
original track hits the spot… ():
nothing but the bassline

Magistro Ray (Notte Brava Podcast):
thx support…

nice will try in my show!

Lipstick Disco ():
cool tracks

Global Dance Session ():
Downloading for Global Dance Session.

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